Sustainability Policy

House of Décor is 100% Australian owned and operated and supports Australian wholesalers. We also source some of our products from overseas wholesalers. 

House of Décor is committed to supporting sustainability practices across the spectrum of our business. We are doing this by: 

Reusing and reducing packaging 

Where possible, we reuse packaging and boxes from our suppliers and other sources to deliver your order. This may mean the description on the box delivered to you may not accurately detail your order. Please be mindful of this and open your box/es to check your deliver is correct. 

We are also mindful of the amount of packaging we use. Where possible we will re-use packaging and use enough packaging to ensure your item/s are secure. 

Environmentally friendly products 

Many of our beautiful homewares are made from environmentally sustainable materials such as wood, bamboo, and rattan. The benefits of environmentally sustainable materials are they can be easily regenerated, therefore not taking away from the environment. The materials are also generally durable and last a long time.  

Ethical employment practices 

Where possible, we conduct due diligence on any overseas wholesalers we use to ensure they follow ethical employment practices such as the provision of safe work environments.